Finding the Right 36 Photo Paper

There are a lot of different paper types out there to choose from, and it can make a significant difference to your project what type of paper you use. Similarly, the type of paper you use will largely determine the quality of your finished project.

Now, I know what most of you out there are thinking. You’re thinking, “Paper? Really? Can it possibly matter what kind of paper I’m using?” And the answer is, absolutely. The type of paper you’re using can completely change your end result.

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Take photography, for example. If you’re using a nice satin photo paper to print off your grandchild’s graduation pictures, you’re going to come out with a nice, glossy finish that looks professional. It’ll last longer, because the paper is made acid-free, and a good satin photo paper will also be water and smudge resistant. In short, your photo will look professional, provided your camera is capable of producing high-quality pictures.

If you’re using a simple copy paper, however, those same graduation pictures won’t look the same. Yes, you’ll still be able to see your granddaughter’s huge smile (and goofy-looking graduation robes,) but the colors will be faded, and the lines will be a little blurry. That’s because copy paper simply isn’t designed to hold ink like photo paper is. When you’re using photo paper, you’re using a product that’s designed to have photos printed onto it. You’re using the best medium you can. But if you’re just using copy paper, it’ll be saturated with ink and the colors will bleed together. The colors won’t be as vibrant, and you won’t get a glossy finish. In fact, because of how ink-soaked the paper will be, it won’t last very long at all until that sheet of paper smudges, smears, and fades.

Work projects can be another time when your choice of paper is important. 36 paper, for instance, is useful in the workplace because it’s sold in a long roll. 36 photo paper is a roll of photo paper 36 inches across, usually sold in rolls of 100 feet. This makes 36 paper especially useful in printing banners and signs. While this does mean your company is going to need the equipment necessary in order to use this type of paper, it can make things much easier for a big company or corporation, because it allows you to print off its own signs and banners, without having to outsource that to another company. While satin photo paper helps you print personal photos at a high quality, 36 photo paper helps your company to stay a little more self-reliant by allowing you to do your own quality printing.

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