Whole House Water Filtration Systems – Are They Worth Your Time and Money?

Let’s face it. There is an overwhelmingly large number of home water filters to choose from on the market. For that reason, it’s important to shop wisely and carefully. You can get a shower filter, and under the sink filter, a countertop filter, or a whole house filter. You might be wondering why anyone would want whole house water filtration systems.

The dangers of drinking tap water are well known to the majority of people. It is contaminated with chemicals such as chlorine, lead, pesticides, and prescription drugs, and drinking it can cause a number of health problems. What many people don’t realize is that bathing in it, cooking with it, and doing laundry with it is also dangerous and for that reason, whole house water filtration is making waves.

When you bathe in tap water, chlorine and other chemicals are released in the shower steam. Breathing those chemicals can cause respiratory illnesses like asthma and bronchitis. When you bathe, your pores also open up so your skin absorbs the chemicals which then enter your bloodstream. In sum, showering in tap water is actually more dangerous than drinking it because you both breathe the chemicals and absorb them through your skin. With whole house water filtration systems, you can have peace of mind when you shower.

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In addition to being a health hazard, showering in tap water is very bad for your hair and skin. It can lead to severely dry skin, hair loss, and skin irritation. Just after days of using a whole house water filtration device, you will notice that your hair and skin feel much softer and look more beautiful than ever.

The best whole house water filtration system is also necessary in order to stay completely safe from ingesting the contaminants in tap water. Drinking water filters may prevent you from ingesting a lot of chemicals and they are better than nothing but when you think about it, you actually consume a lot of contaminants just by cooking with tap water. Boiling water does not get rid of all the chemicals it contains.

Having a whole house filtration system also means that you can wash your clothes and dishes in filtered water. When you do laundry with tap water, the chemicals get embedded in your clothing and it is dangerous. When you wash your dishes with tap water the residue from the chemicals is left on your dishes and the chemicals are released in the steam. Having a whole house treatment system alleviates these problems.

Another huge perk of having whole house water filtration systems is the fact that contaminated tap water will never enter your home’s plumbing system. That means you will be 100% safe from the dangers of tap water and no other water filtration system can guarantee that. Lastly, your only line of defense against a breakdown in the municipal water treatment system is a whole house filter.